Do you have something of value to sell or need cash fast?

Contact us and let us know what you have. Liquidating large lots of antiques and collectibles can take months to find buyers for each piece. We will make you a reasonable offer for all your stuff. We will take the time and effort to find buyers for it. Sometimes we even have buyers waiting for us to find an item for them. Below is some of the types of items we are always searching for.  Most of our purchases are local and Surrounding states - West Virginia - Pennsylvania-Maryland-Ohio-Virginia. But we do purchase over the internet by shipment. 

  • Old DieCast
  • Old Model Kits
  • Old Slot Cars
  • R/C Models
  • Old Toys
  • Barbie - G.I. Joe
  • Arcade Games
  • Hunting Gear

  • Fire Arms

  • Fishing Gear

  • Reloading Equipment

  • Archery Equipment

  • Farm Equipment

  • Restaurant Equipment

  • Antiques-Collectibles
  • Old Car Magazines
  • Shop Manuals
  • Tools
  • Cars - Trucks - Boats
  • Real estate
  • Machinery
Contact Us: We are located in West Virginia.                                                                          Rick & Tina Colwell - Baywholesalers                                                                                   Phone: 304-789-6793    Fax: 304-789-6794  e-mail: